On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 12:08:04PM +0000, David Cantrell wrote:
> Good point.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that there is life outside
> the M25.  Errm ... if you *really* want to have it in the UK, consider
> manchester and birmingham.  Both have international airports, large hotels
> and conference centres.  I expect Edinburgh does too although I'm not sure
> if there are direct flights to .us - but that's OK, there's no direct
> flights from .eu to Monterey :-)

And NCL (Newcastle) has 6 flights/day to Schiphol (a way better hub than
any of the London 'ports) and a *much* better QoL ... but it's a looong
way from the money.

And of course the Metro won't be on strike 3 Mondays in February either!
Chris Benson
        - who needs to get to Liverpool St. for 0830 Monday 19th Feb :-(tm)

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