>Not at all... I've always found tlog so boring and crap
>I wouldn't ever have bought the CD...  What do people
>find so funny about it?

Nobody likes it unless they've seen it from the start. It's essential that
you see the first one as it establishes an only slightly weird groundstate
and is (IMO) the basis of the observational component of the humour of the

It also helps if you've lived somewhere like Royston Vasey. It may not
suprise many of you to learn that much of it was filmed in Marsden a handful
of miles from where I'm sitting. That 01484 prefix on the posters (series
one) is my *local* phone code.

Um, I'm going to shut up now 'cos this is ostensibly a perl list and I'm
doing a (void) post here.

to destroy the concept of money it's going to take money

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