OK Groovers,

The DNS has been set up so now london.pm.org is penderel.state51.co.uk as
outlined below.

Does anyone have any feelings to delegating the DNS to servers under our
own control at some juncture ?

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Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 19:42:10 -0600
From: Ben Hockenhull <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Jonathan Stowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re: London.pm nearly have a new server

>On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
>> Hello,
>> After a rather extended delay we have nearly commissioned our server.
>> It will be ready in a couple of weeks I guess but I just thought that I
>> would forewarn you of the impending request for a DNS change.
>> We would like to have the DNS arranged something like this when you have a
>> minute (I'm no DNS expert so it probably can be approved :) :
>> london          IN      MX      5       london.pm.org.
>>                 IN      MX      10      happyfunball.pm.org.
>> london          IN      A
>> penderel        IN      CNAME   london.pm.org.
>> The server is currently penderel.state51.co.uk - when this goes through
>> the reverse lookup can be fixed.
>> We are going to keep the mailing list on hfb.pm.org for a while as we cant
>> decide on what mailing list software to use :) ALthough we might have sorted
>> that out in the interval.
>> When the server is ready for the big time I will get back to you to confirm
>> what we want to do.
>Right.  We have finally got the server for the prime, so when you have a
>minute would it be possible to put the above changes in place ?
>We are also currently having a discussion which goes along the lines of
>having the london.pm.org subdomain delegated to penderel.state51.co.uk -
>is this feasible with the current setup ? Is it something you would want to
>do ?

Sorry about the delay.  This change has been made.

As for delegating DNS, sure, we'll be happy to delegate london.pm.org to
whatever nameservers you'd like.


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