so who else has had cool non-IT jobs in the past?

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> >the theme of iteration is a powerful one from, we have been lucky
> >with the name and we need to ``leverage'' it (sorry) now in
> >all aspects of the company, from sales/marketting to programming
> Quote "I never thought I'd see a London PMer use a word like leverage,
> might be a new paradigm"

i blame some of my older jobs - the more shameful ones include -

        water cooler sales person
        project manager
        it consultant to a design company (pre-web)
        civil servant

the most fun job i ever had was fork lift truck driver  

> Welcome Greppy of Borg ;)

Greppy of Borg - the Heretic 

- i sound like a bad followup horror film[1]

[1] yes i know

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