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> > > so who else has had cool non-IT jobs in the past?
> Depending on the meaning of cool ...
> * I spent 3 years in Iceland working in fish-factories & fishing boats.
I used to work in an offal processing yard.  The guts, heads, hooves, horns,
bowels, bladders and other bits of animal not fit for display in a butchers
windows are discarded by the abatoirs and sent for rendering to
fertiliser/cosmetic products or dried for use in pet food (that was before
someone spotted the market for using offal for livestock feed).

It was a lovely warm summer, high summer.  The offal and heads turned green
very quickly.   The bowls and bladders swelled and burst.

Come to think of it, dealing with the after effects of some-one elses
activity in a shambles was probably a good grounding for IT.
-- Mark T

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