On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 10:08:29AM -0000, Robert Shiels wrote:
> I've been there loads of times and a lot of the enjoyment comes from
> watching the faces of the uninitiated as they realise they have definitely
> come to the wrong place.

Gentlemen, start your noodles :-)

> Paul, why are you up at 4 in the morning ?

(I live in PST, so it's only 2am now :)

http://telematic.walkerart.org/ici/ -- lots of Shockwave
http://www.ici-exhibitions.org/Exhibitions/Telematic/telematic.htm -- HTML

I'm setting up their network & helping artists in SF Art
Institute. Three days left 'til the reception and some artists
still haven't finished their pieces yet, and I haven't finished
cabling... Some very cool stuff, stop by if you're in the area
(it's on tour for two years so pick a venue).

How do you force linux to assign ethN in a particular order, or are you
at the mercy of the PCI bus assignments (or whatever voodoo it do uses)?

perl -pi.oops -e 's/(?<=\beth)(\d)/1-$1/e' /etc/lrp-firewall/*.conf # :-)

It's time like that you can really make those pro-(!Perl) types weep.

(And don't say "just switch the cables round", :-P)


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