Dean S Wilson wrote:
> I've seen lots of Content management systems get shredded and left on
> the floor of this list and I'm after opinions from anyone whos used
> Midgard, basically is it any good? (

php - nasty ....

Have you looked at openinteract  (.org) ? A new perl App server. 

> >From the talks I was in I discovered the following:
> Perl got a few mentions at the Open Source Dev meeting, CPAN's
> location mirroring algorithm was mentioned a couple of times in a
> presentation about BGP by VA Linux.

VA are making a geographical redirector that will does dynamic DNS and
points a client to thier nearest (network wise) node.

> Zope is now supporting Perl at a much level than previously
> (Apparently, I don't use Zope so I have no idea...)
> Smoothwall has had over 375,000 downloads from Sourceforge and they
> use perl for all the firewall admin stuff. Has to be a good thing,
> also Smoothwall are in discussion with getting Smoothwall boxsets
> distributed so I'm assuming that perl will be shipped out with every
> copy of those. Not major stuff but nice none the less.
> Rasmus of PHP said that he, Larry and Guido were in the planning
> stages of getting a meeting together to discuss backends to scripting
> languages... Not sure exactly how far into planning and this answer
> was prompted by someone asking why not use the perl or python backend
> instead of Zend.

Zend is nasty - they had to change the licence in PHP4 from gpl to a BSD
free-ish one because zend was originally under the qpl (I think).  Zend
have decided to release thier caching / complier stuff commerically for
loads of money.  Another company has released a GPL cacher ....

I feel that zend rewrote the underlying script engine for php, so that
they could then "sell" it or sell the add ons.


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