> What is your ... err ... friend's name?

I think you'll find it's Dave.  This would be suspicious, but as we know
virtually all London Perl Mongers are called Dave, so no more need be said
on the matter.
> /me suggests that grep post a map on his website.

For those of us that were at the YAPC pub crawl, it's the pub by the river
outside, you know, after where we saw where the rose theatre was.  The
penultimate one



There's a map off of that page too.



print "\n",map{my$a="\n"if(length$_>6);' 'x(36-length($_)/2)."$_\n$a"} (
   Name  => 'Mark Fowler',        Title => 'Technology Developer'      ,
   Firm  => 'Profero Ltd',        Web   => 'http://www.profero.com/'   ,
   Email => '[EMAIL PROTECTED]',   Phone => '+44 (0) 20 7700 9960'      )

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