On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 04:51:49PM +0000, Mark Fowler wrote:
> Question 1.
>  Can I make a second X server into a second monitor (well, in my case a
>  third one)  I doubt it, so here's question two
> Question 2.
>  If I can't, is there any easy way to control client placement/move stuff
>  around in Perl remotely?  I've played with eesh before (I'm runnin E) but
>  I wondered if there was a better way that talking in some weird way to 
>  do this that isn't so icky.  I forsee many problems with running multiple
>  copies of X on the same machine.

*evil grin*

You need to look at xwit.  It lets you do miscellaneous stuff like moving
windows around and reszing them from the command line.  It should be
available as:


However, I can only find:


Just untar, run "xmkmf", then "make" then "make install".  Usage is
pretty simple, for example:

    % xwit -id $WINDOWID -iconify

Will iconify your current xterm.

You can also use things like xlsclients (comes with XFree86) to find the
windowid's of everything attached to the screen.

This tool is great fun in a computer room full of unsheathed X
terminals.  :-)


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