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> > This is all fine but there is a big cloud. We have a new IT manager who
> > wants to bring all development into one team and use a single toolset for
> > web based applications.
>why dont you just track both projects for a while and get some results
>about the current productivity of both teams, say a month or two.

We don't actually have any developers and deciding what to recruit is at 
the core of the issue. I covered the code development for the intranet but 
I have to spend too much time on managing the process now & the job 
management system sub-ed out all the development.

We could go forward with contract staff for a few months but there is 
already a perception that they don't want to "waste" development in one 
language by ditching it later.

>then put it into an analysis model showing the cost of moving either
>team to the others toolset and the perceived cost reductions in the
>long term supporting just one toolset.
>these things always need to be analysed properly rather than gut
>instincts and who can argue the best.

Agree 100% !

>Greg McCarroll                

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