the best way to get this started, is simply to do it and then
others will lend in their support, just put up a webpage
with the first few candidates and let others comment

just my 2 cents,


* Aaron Trevena ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Following the general feelings of the professional perl mongers on the
> list towards certain authors and script archives, I thought the perl
> mongers could build their own script recipebook on the net and provide
> secure but clear and simple and well explained example and instant cgi
> scripts as an alternative to Matt and other resources.
> Given that there are quite a few scripts out there, we could concentrate
> on having secure, well written and explain perl for key tasks like -
> search engine, forum, shopping cart and checkout (alternatives for mason,
> tt, etc).
> This would be something good to point beginners at - particularly if ORA
> give it some support.
> A.
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