> Perl t-shirt ideas


=head1 Bad Perl T-Shirt Ideas


=head2 perl related

 * "My other t-shirt has a camel on it"
 * "I know perl" "Show me"
 * "If you programmed in perl you'd be home by now"
 * "You don't have to be mad to program perl, but it helps"
 * "95% of cats prefer programming perl over any other language"
 * "Perl.  There is no a."
 * "mod_perl.  It's not a quake add on.  It's more fun than that" 

=head2 lpm related

 * "London.pm: we **** camels"
 * "I want a PONY!", on the back (("PONY"x10)."\n")x40

=head2 joke within a joke (PIMB ref)

 * "#! perl is my programming language of choice"
 * "#! perl is my itch"     (preferably in the same blue, same font)
 * "Smack my perl up"
 * "Muttley is a Arsehole"  (let's see Randall complain about that)
 * "I blame Wistow for *everything*"

=head2 random

 * "XP programmers do it in pairs"
 * "This is not a credit or debit card"
 * "Just another local who happened to be in your holiday photo"
 * "If you lived here you'd be like all the other voices"
 * Front: "Why?" Back: "Why not?"
 * On front and back "humorous slogan on other side"
 * "This is a t-shirt.  There are many like it.  But this is mine"
 * on the back "Stop following me"

=head2 and finally


 $shop = undef;
  local $shop = {}; $this = $shop;
  local @people = &residents; for (@people) {$this->{$_}=\$PreciousThings;}
 print HERE $shop->{You};

 $shop->{You}->touch if defined($shop->{You})

print "\n",map{my$a="\n"if(length$_>6);' 'x(36-length($_)/2)."$_\n$a"} (
   Name  => 'Mark Fowler',        Title => 'Technology Developer'      ,
   Firm  => 'Profero Ltd',        Web   => 'http://www.profero.com/'   ,
   Email => '[EMAIL PROTECTED]',   Phone => '+44 (0) 20 7700 9960'      )

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