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>Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 02:48:59 +0000
>From: Neil Ford <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Subject: Tokyo Keynote Report
>Tokyo Keynote, February 22, 2001
>Location: PC World Croydon
>Full report will probably follow once I've had some sleep, but here are
>the Announcements and highlights.
>Demonstration of Maya from Alias Wavefront (3d Animation) on OS X, product
>is in Beta, due to ship next quarter - dead impressive
>New lower prices on the Cinema Display ($2,999)
>nVIDIA announce GeForce3 available first on the Mac, demoed with a
>real-time rendering of the Pixar short Luxor Jr on OS 9
>John Carmack of id-software demoed their new game engine running on OS X
>incredible lighting effects on a per-pixel basis
>available build to order from march for $600
>iTunes 1.1 supports over 25 CD-RW drives, available immediately
>Cube price lowered to $1,299
>new model, G4 450, 128Mb, 20GB HD, CD-RW - $1,599
>iTools in Japanese, available today
>CD-RW drives, iTunes, Firewire, iMovie, Firewire, G3s
>400Mhz, 64MB, 10GB, CD-ROM - indigo
>500Mhz, 64MB, 20Gb, CD-RW - indogo, FP, BD
>600Mhz, 128Mb, 40GB, CD-RW - graphite, FP, BD
>New Colours
>Flower Power, colour is in the plastic!
>Blue Dalmation
>all available today
>5 new TV ads - text was in japanese but they are different
>Flower Power and iMovie visulisation
>iTunes & iMac (Flower Power)
>iTunes & iMac (Blue Dalmation)
>iTunes & iMac (Flower Power)
>Mac OS X - re-confirmed release date, one cd, all languages
>minimised a playing quicktime movie :-) and then moved it around
>bundled japanese fonts, anti-aliased
>finder toolbar is customizable
>Pre-load will begin July when a larger number of apps are available
>G4 Tit Powerbook
>Final Cut Pro runs 60% faster than on the G3 powerbook
>compared it to the Sony Vaio Z505VR/K
>PowerMac G4 - Power to Burn!
>Announced that all models are shipping
>Email access thanks to Airport and PC World :-)
Neil C. Ford
Yet Another Computer Solutions Company

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