> I don't know what disturbs me more - my books being sold by Amazon or my
> books
> being bought by III :)
> Dave...

I want to buy a book "Code" by Charles Petzold.

streetsonline - not available
whsmith 12.45 + 2.74 = 15.19 delivery 1-2 weeks
bol.com 12.59 + 2.95 = 15.54 delivery 3-7 days
pcbooks 13.99 + 3.50 = 17.49 next day delivery
amazon 11.13 + 2.75 = 13.88 dispatched within 24 hours

And the Amazon website has a good review of the book, and several comments
by other people who have bought it, whereas the other sites have no details
at all. No one I've found matches Amazon's service and price for books, if
the others want to compete online they are going to have to do much better.

I boycotted Amazon for a while, and stopped being an Associate, but found I
was buying less books because they were too expensive and hard to get. So I
guess I'm back to them again now.


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