Someone brought up the possibility of the domain name I wanted to
know whether that was possible. .pm stands for St. Pierre et Miquelon, which
belongs to France (if I'm not mistaken, that's two small islands off the
coast of Canada), and AFNIC, the French NIC, is responsible for .pm. So I
asked them whether it's possible to register a domain in .pm for
non-residents, and got back the following answer:

> Le .pm n'est pas encore ouvert; nous ne connaissons pas
> encore les regles pour avoir un .pm mais il sera gere par
> l'AFNIC. L'AFNIC gere seulement le .fr pour le moment.

For non-frog-speakers, Babelfish offers the following translation:

> The pm is not yet open; we do not know the rules yet to have
> a pm but it will be managed by the AFNIC. The AFNIC manages
> only the fr for the moment. 

So, no right now :-(

But maybe in the future![1]

Philip Newton

[1] Though when I poked around a little, it appears to be a little involved
to obtain a .fr domain for non-residents of France. And it has to be applied
for through a French ISP (or an international ISP that operates in France as
well)[2]. AFNIC charges the ISP 39 EUR or 18 EUR for creation of the domain
name (depending on the plan they chose) and 15 EUR annually, so prices
direct from ISP will be no lower than that. Apparently, individuals are
encouraged to register under since says .fr is for "French
companies with SIREN/SIRET number".

[2] A list is at ; it says 969 total.

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