This is the fifth of hopefully many weekly summaries of the London
Perl Mongers mailing list. For the week starting 2001-02-19:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. proudly
presents my birthday, on 2001-02-26, in the Brockway Room, Conway
Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL from 7pm. You may all get me very
large presents. Oh, and Perl God Damian Conway will be doing his
wonderful Quantum::Superpositions lecture there as well. You can meet
him on Sunday in the Penderels Oak from 6.30ish too.

Yes, I know, the IRC nick idea was silly and confusing. Sorry.

Aaron Trevena brought up the well-used idea of providing professional
Perl script archives. The problem is that there are lots of Perl
programs available on the web that are terribly badly coded and full
of security holes (mostly Matt Wright's). A couple of projects have
tried to do this before (Jeff Pinyan's Crusade to Reconstruct Awful
Programs and Stamp Out Awful Perl) but have always faltered: we just
don't use scripts like these. Bad code survives.

Greg McCarroll thought up a handy Perl module for magically creating
packages. We're in shock that he would be so on-topic:

Michael Stevens complained that while have been thinking
about printing some tshirts, nothing actually got done. Many new
tshirt slogan ideas came up, the best are: "Hash Bang Perl",
"Pony::Pony", "-w", sparkly celeb style "Randal" and all of Mark
Fowler's ideas (who always seems to summarise threads up well):

Dave Cross spammed the list with some interesting stats on the
distribution of his book, "Data Munging with Perl":

A bit unusually, Richard Clamp announced that he was trying to give
away a car. It may be turned into a Robot Wars entry, "Ponybot":

Amias Channer, continuing the Bath -> London exodus was welcomed to
london-list. People almost had the beginnings of a FAQ, which would be
really useful indeed. Best so far: "Why? Because Dave told us to":

And finally, a really terrible meme eventually made it onto
london-list after having made it to the rest of the world and every
other mailing list: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US":

Leon Brocard.............................

... Oh goody! Another Muranium Explosive Space Modulator!

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