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> Dave Cross [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
> *>
> *>The page for voting is at <>.
> Wow, it's a good thing there aren't any women nominated...someone could
> get hurt with those 'trophies'. Any more phallic and they'd come with
> batteries. Well, Dick does run ActiveState and it's Dick's award...paint
> it black and you could have a Genuity 'Black Rocket''ll have to buy
> your own batteries.

Don't worry Elaine, we'll make sure we nominate you next year :)

> *>I certainly wouldn't want to be accused of fixing the vote, but you 
> *>might be interested to know that there is a member included
> *>in the list of nominations.
> It would be nice to have a blurb about what each were nominated for on
> the form but vote Andy as he's a swell guy :)

In case anyone's interested, the finalists (with their achivements) are:

Rocco Caputo - POE
Paul Kulchenko - SOAP modules
Matt Sergeant - AxKit
Tim Vroom - PerlMonks
Andy Wardley -Template Toolkit

All worthy winners, but ask yourself - which one is most likely to buy you a
drink at a meeting if he wins the award?



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