Matthew Robinson wrote:
> With respect to Quantum::Superpositions and in the spirit of 'Do what I
> mean' I think we should be able to write any script and place the following
> pragma in the header.
> use constant time;
> Obviously, the constant module would have to be overloaded to allow this
> along with a few tweaks to the core.

A *few* tweaks to the core?  Come on now, you'd have to make the core
grok multiple dimensions!  (... and that would be about as easy as
building an infinite improbrability drive...)

But I suppose you might argue that the core already _spans_ multiple
dimensions (everything does, until you look at it), so it wouldn't relly
need to understand this to make use of it.  So maybe it would just be a
matter of trying (eg: observing) it and seeing if it works?  Well, I
did, and I got this error:

% perl -e 'use constant time;'
Can't define "983277222" as constant (name contains invalid characters
or is empty) at -e line 1
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at -e line 1.

I concluded that while it must work in some universe, it isn't ours.

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