* Hamlet D'Arcy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Could you post a bit more about the Heretic's meeting?
> Perhaps some links.
> I've never heard of the group.

I have no ability to handle dates (ok, we can also include names,
phone numbers and addresses (non computer) into this if we want) and
hence always have a problem when the meeting occurs on the first of
the month - i simply haven't came to terms with the fact that it
is a new month yet. hence i proposed that the we'd meet on the 8th
when this happens, so my logic was ...

        if (meeting date = 1st of mth) {
                meet on 8th
        } else {
                meet on 1st thursday of mth

someone simplified this to ...

        meetings are held on the day after the first wednesday of
        the month

i then partitioned for this change, but dave held valiantly against
myself and the other usual suspects (JS,DC,....) - i was also at
some stage called `the heretic'

philip newton even gimped something up about this

however i then ``refused'' to recognise the real meetings if they
occured on the 1st, even though i may attend them

so it was decided whenever the meeting _should_ of been held on
the 8th we would have an additional meeting, named ``the heretics
meeting'', we had our first last month at the very fine anchor pub

last month we had a meal that was ok, but a bit pricey, however in
the anchor we found a nice open fire that was roaring away hapilly

and coupled with some really quite good beer we sat by the fire
talking and joking as usual

a good time was had by all by the fire, and so heretics meetings
from now on are going to be the same sort of cozy fireside chats

there will only be another 2 this year - this year has been a
very heretical year (3 meetings!)

ok, that makes everything crystal

are you sorry you asked?


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