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> While we're off-topic...Jason Lee (Mallrats and Chasing Amy) a severely
> under-rated actor or does my love for the Kevin Smith films cloud my
> judgment, the closest I've seen him to real fame is a 5 minute appearance in
> "Enemy of the State" which really doesn't seem right, what else has he been
> in?

Mi vida loca (1993) .... Teenage Drug Customer 

nothing else which I've seen...


I didn't realise it was him as Azrael in Dogma until the credits rolled...
must be a beard thing. He's a good actor for an ex-skateboarder...
> Oh, and as Stan Lee appears in Mallrats there's no relation there at all is
> there?

Don't think so... and failure to refer to him as Stan 'The Man' Lee will 
see you up in front of a fanboy firing-squad if you're not careful ;)

> Finally, I have yet to see Dogma as I was so disappointed with Chasing Amy
> (except the first 20 minutes before the "love Story" kicked in), any good?
> Where does it rate in Kevin Smith repertoire?

s'pretty good, Alan Rickman hams it up something awful (as always), Chris
Rock's good, Damon+Affleck their usual selves... the FX are bloody
terrible though.


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