>what else did Jason Lee appear in...

Since we're talking about Jason Lee...

He was in another Spike Jonez feature which was untitled.
Airwalk (J. Lee's shoe sponsor) produced a video to promote Airwalk which 
was again filmed by Spike. This one came out in '95. It was only distributed 
to Airwalk team riders, Airwalk Retail Stores, and special industry people. 
It was about 13 minutes long and featured J. Lee hitting tennis balls over a 
net, alone. J. Lee wore a smart tennis outfit of a white shirt and much to 
short shorts (especially for those days).
J. Lee's big acting break reportedly came through his then girlfriend. If 
you've seen Dazed and Confused, he dated the red-headed girl who drove 
around with the two not-so-cool guys looking for the party out in the woods. 
She reportedly introduced him to the right people. The relationship seems to 
be fact, but the acting break might be a rumour.
And yes, Jason Lee was my idol for about 4 years (until it became apparent 
that he had quit skating in order to act).
And yes, those in the know call him simply, "J. Lee".

-H. D'Arcy

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