On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 02:54:23PM -0000, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> What's the best way forward for RPC / distributed Perl stuff? I don't need
> anything super complicated, but RPC::Simple seems to want to use Tk ?!

I've just been doing stuff in PlRPC and it works quite well.  It's based
on sockets and Storable.pm, so it's quite lightweight.  It also plays
nicely with OO, so it's pretty easy to retrofit onto an existing class
library, with a small amount of effort.

The docs aren't up to much, though.  And you'll need something else if
you want to have non-perl solutions calling your servers.  As was
mentioned elsewhere, the SOAP::Lite module appears to be very popular
for this purpose, although if you really want to, you could take the
heavyweight route and use something like CORBA::ORBit.


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