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>Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 04:42:43 -0800
>Subject: [lmug-talk] Drool time!
>Being sick, I should be asleep but I couldn't so I got up and did a little
>computer work.
>Just a short while ago, I finished installing OS X (Golden Master) on my new
>PowerBook G4.  From the time I started the installation process until the
>"Finder" appeared was exactly 20 minutes.  All you do is click a few
>buttons, type in some answers to questions and sit back while the installer
>does its thing.  VERY painless and no more difficult to install than was OS
>8 or 9.  As a matter of fact, easier.
>If you installed the Public Beta, I suggest that you reformat the drive and
>install OS 9.1 (which will come with OS X when it's released).  Apple
>doesn't require removing the PB, but it's a safe bet that with TWO new OSes
>on the drive, it's a good idea.
>You'll be surprised at how complete OS X is in spite of being incomplete
>(some components such as DVD play didn't make the final release but are
>promised in an update which should arrive shortly after the ship date).
>There are a lot of utilities with which you're familiar (Disk First Aid and
>Drive Setup combined into Drive Utility) but with new looks and
>capabilities, as well as some new ones which you used to get from
>third-party developers (Grab for screen captures, Preview for viewing PDF
>and other file types).  There are also many new applications which are
>"required" for OS X's plumbing but which the average user isn't "required"
>to use.
>Out of the box, OS X will recognize that it's connected to a DHCP server if
>you're on a LAN or have a DSL setup.  It has built-in drivers for FireWire
>and USB drives (although you cannot install OS X to them) and Apple, Epson
>and Hewlett Packard printers.  Some one said that they hooked up a Brother
>All-in-One and OS X recognized it.
>Protected memory is one of the most important new features.  Having Internet
>Explorer 5.1 Preview Edition (included on the CD) crash (oh, it will!) and
>not have to worry about it (just restart it) is worth the price of
>I'm currently typing this in Microsoft Entourage 2001 which is running in
>the Classic environment.  I won't go into the differences between OS 9 and
>Classic (it will be covered by others) but I don't notice any difference in
>speed for most tasks under either environment.  Switching between the two is
>seamless and transparent (if set up properly).
>Contrary to the pre-Public Beta fears, there is almost nothing to worry
>about with OS X.  Once the top apps are available in Carbon form, this
>should be a killer product for Apple.  I don't know if it will ever gain the
>huge market share that Apple hopes for, but it should, ultimately, at least
>outsell Linux.  Once OS X Server is released (shortly after March 24, 2001),
>Apple will finally have an Enterprise product line.  Unfortunately, it still
>doesn't have an Enterprise strategy!
Neil C. Ford
Managing Director, Yet Another Computer Solutions Company

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