On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 04:09:17PM +0000, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> whilst getting to grips with h2xs this week (which is nowhere near as
> scary as i thought) I read a really good tutorial on building perl
> modules that started with:
> 1) use h2xs
> 2) use h2xs
> 3) USE H2XS
> I think it twas in html .. it might have been in the mod_perl
> documentation.
> the long and short of it is: I have bleeding forgotten where the f it is
> and despite searcing can I find it? .. nope. and its beginning to bug me
> .. lots.

Well, the ExtUtils::MakeMaker man page contains similiar words of
wisdom, but I don't think it's really what you're after...

       How To Write A Makefile.PL

       The short answer is: Don't.

               Always begin with h2xs.
               Always begin with h2xs!
               ALWAYS BEGIN WITH H2XS!

       even if you're not building around a header file, and even
       if you don't have an XS component.


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