At 16:17 12/03/2001, you wrote:
>There's been a bit of discussion about version control on the IRC channel.
>Summary of discussion: CVS and RCS both suck, they just suck in different
>ways, and subversion is vapourware which doesn't even promise to overcome
>the problems in CVS/RCS.
>But there are alternatives.  Does anyone here have any comments on
>Perforce or Clearcase?  Needless to say, both companies have crap websites
>with no useful documentation and a tonne of marketing arse.

I used ClearCase about five years ago and it was a very powerful product. 
Only downsides were:

a) fscking expensive.

b) very tied in with the Rational Rose product set. Don't know if it would 
be worth the money if you didn't make use of those links.



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