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> > well .. to be fair .. yes its appalling Perl but it works, and it IS the
> > industry standard.... if only because there is nothing better freely
> > available.
> Maybe I missed a meeting again, but doesn't the "industry" tend to
> refuse the standardness of anything freely available?

a couple of years ago  (well .. 5 maybe) I think you would have been
right  .. .ISP's (cos thats the industry we are talking about) had money
and a desire to spend it ... Cisco firewalls and Exchange Swerver etc ...
but the ISP market has changed a lot, firstly the sysadmins are
taking up the linux/opensource stuff more and more because it works, and
secondly the margins and money available for F expensive kit simply isn;t
there .. the ISP market is having its prices driven down and that means
using cheap technology. Sure it has to work because crappy software costs
much more to admin than decent s/w but the drive to keep costs down ahs
forced many ISPs to take the open source/free stuff route ..

unfortunatley for the planet FormMail is now so standard that if you
didn;t have it your punters would ask for it! .. err probably

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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