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> It's an important battle too, as each person that downloads an installs 
> Matt's scripts is one more person who will eventually decide that Perl is 
> too flakey and difficult to understand for serious use.

the effect is much worse than that, as typically the people installing
m's scripts are lone ``perl people'' or at least representative of
the perl skillz in the organisation, after all if there was a decent
perl programmer in the organisation he wouldn't let them do it. hence
these people's mistakes are demonstrating the ``flakiness'' of perl
and perl people to the whole organisation. remember there are many
businesses who would brand a lot of people with perl on their CV in
the same class as the m. w. script installer person.

how to solve this, will there is an easy way that would deal with 
the problem at source - perl certification 


having said in another email how there were no resources to deal with this
problem, there is a near miss in the perl cookbook, however to tackle
the problem directly, maybe ORA need to commission a Perl CGI Cookbook.

all the good classic web problems, with simple ready to run examples.
forums, guestbooks, counters, voting, etc.

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