* at 13/03 10:43 -0000 Jonathan Peterson said:
> > There's a marketing battle that needs to be fought first. We
> > need, somehow,
> > to ensure that newbie CGI programmers read criticisms of
> > Matt's scripts
> > _before_ they find Matt's Script Archive. And I don't know
> > how you're going
> > to undo five years of misinformation and achieve that.
> Maybe we need to sponsor Matt Wright? The inverse of the Damian sponsorship,
> we would cover whatever revenue he gets from his scripts in return for him
> shutting all the sites down for a year, and redirecting everyone somewhere
> else. What do you reckon? Sponsor Matt to not be involved with Perl for a
> year?

couldn't we just raise enough cash to send him on a decent perl
training course? that way he might re-write his stuff.

although the sheer twistedness of the above does appeal :)


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