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>Dave Cross, Lord and Master of, thus wrote:
> >Postman just bought a review copy of Lincoln Stein's "Network Programming
> >with Perl". This is good news as it seems that Addison Wesley have now seen
> >that giving freebie copies to Perl Monger groups is a Good Thing.
> >
> >I'll be giving it away at the next meeting, which is on Thursday 5th April.
> >IIRC we'd volunteered mstevens to try and book us the downstairs bar in the
> >Cittie of Yorke.
>... which I hope to be able to attend. A weekend in London seems like
>a good idea, to make up the mind whether to break the promise to settle
>in Vienna for good.

We look forward to seeing you.

>By the way, Dave, did Addison Wesley contact you about this or vice
>versa? I'm wondering if O'Reilly and others are sending books to Perl
>monger groups anyway and they just vanish unmentioned with the maintainer

I got an email via the Perl Monger Group Leaders mailing list.



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