At 12:15 13/03/2001, you wrote:
>On Tue 13 Mar, Dave Cross wrote:
> >
> > Postman just bought a review copy of Lincoln Stein's "Network Programming
> > with Perl". This is good news as it seems that Addison Wesley have now 
> seen
> > that giving freebie copies to Perl Monger groups is a Good Thing.
>Since you only get one copy of each of these books, would it be a good idea
>to do what the publishers presumably want you to do, ie review them on the
>list ... ?

Not a bad idea. Unfortunately, it's currently hovering at about item number 
300 on my "Things to do (urgent)" list :(

>Wiley might even be foolish enough to send you a copy of *that* book to
>review ...

Not clear which particular book you mean.



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