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> Not clear which particular book you mean.

The Cgi/Perl Cookbook by Craig Pratchett and Matthew Wright. John Wiley &
Son. One of the current "reviews" on Amazon.com says:

    This is obviously a book that a lot of time and care went into, on the part
    of both authors. The CGI/Perl Cookbook has all of the best "goodies" from
    the excellent Matt's Script Archive website on its CD-ROM, and a chapter on
    each of the scripts carefully walks you through every line, explaining (in
    refreshingly non-technogeek language!) the programming theory behind each
    element and how the total script works. I found this very useful when I
    began writing my own Perl scripts.

    Matt's easy-to-modify CGI scripts are also great for people who don't care
    *why* it works, they just want it to work. With the excellent documentation
    Craig and Matt supply, these are as close to foolproof as CGI scripting
    ("Aaagh! 500 Server Error!!") gets, and all 20 scripts covered in the book
    are the basic, useful kind that anyone handling websites will want to use
    sooner or later (guestbook, form mail, feedback, and a really well-designed
    web store.)

    Excellent value; this is the kind of book you'll keep and use for years,
    whether it's your stepping-stone to writing your own scripts or whether you
    never want to get more in-depth than just typing in the path to your Perl

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