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>On Tue 13 Mar, Dave Cross wrote:
> > Not clear which particular book you mean.
>The Cgi/Perl Cookbook by Craig Pratchett and Matthew Wright. John Wiley &
>Son. One of the current "reviews" on says:
>This is obviously a book that a lot of time and care went into, on the part
>of both authors. The CGI/Perl Cookbook has all of the best "goodies" from
>the excellent Matt's Script Archive website on its CD-ROM, and a chapter on
>each of the scripts carefully walks you through every line, explaining (in
>refreshingly non-technogeek language!) the programming theory behind each
>element and how the total script works. I found this very useful when I
>began writing my own Perl scripts.
>Matt's easy-to-modify CGI scripts are also great for people who don't care
>*why* it works, they just want it to work. With the excellent documentation
>Craig and Matt supply, these are as close to foolproof as CGI scripting
>("Aaagh! 500 Server Error!!") gets, and all 20 scripts covered in the book
>are the basic, useful kind that anyone handling websites will want to use
>sooner or later (guestbook, form mail, feedback, and a really well-designed
>web store.)
>Excellent value; this is the kind of book you'll keep and use for years,
>whether it's your stepping-stone to writing your own scripts or whether you
>never want to get more in-depth than just typing in the path to your Perl
>Was this review helpful to you?
>13 out of 14 people replied "yes".

This gives an idea of the kind of audience you're aiming at with any 
pudative "Anti-Matt" project.



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