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>* Dave Cross ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > >*why* it works, they just want it to work.
> > >
> > >  With the excellent documentation
> > >
> > >whether it's your stepping-stone to writing your own scripts or 
> whether you
> > >
> > >never want to get more in-depth than just typing in the path to your Perl
> > >executable.
> > >
> > >13 out of 14 people replied "yes".
> >
> > This gives an idea of the kind of audience you're aiming at with any
> > pudative "Anti-Matt" project.
>ok, they are not like us, but they are not wrong either, they just
>want something that works and is well documented. how you appeal
>to them is not the cleverness of the code, but with all of the
>attributes that ``commercial'' software competes on.

Agree completely. This is a potential audience that the "real" Perl 
community ignores completely. Installing extra modules, for example, is 
_not_ an option for them. If we continue to treat them like they aren't 
worth our time then it's no wonder they turn to people like Matt.



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