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>On Tue, Mar 13, 2001 at 02:34:50PM +0000, Dave Cross wrote:
> > >I haven't looked at Matts scripts, but I get the feeling that they are 
> aimed
> > >at beginners who have a fairly standard perl/apache installation[1]. I'm
> > >sure your solution will be much better, but I don't think it would be a
> > >replacement for Matt's if the users can't run it...
> > I agree completely. I'd go as far as to suggest that these replacement
> > scripts should only use standard modules as well. The second that it
> > becomes just a bit harder to use our scripts than it is to use Matt's 
> we've
> > lost most of our potential audience.
>Any well written script we write will use Unless we ship
>with the scripts, the fact that there are many many broken perl installs
>out there will mean such a script will be harder to use than matt wright's

You need to define a standard and stick to it. I suggest we write to Perl 
5.004_04 as it was a) pretty stable and b) the first to include

We simply can't compete with Matt on backwards compatibility as his scripts 
all run on 4.036!



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