This is the eighth of hopefully many weekly summaries of the London
Perl Mongers mailing list. For the somewhat hectic week (we hit more
than a hundred messages a day again) starting 2001-03-12:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. There isn't a
technical meeting on Thursday due to too much recent Perl
mongering. The next meeting is on Thursday 5th April, and it looks
like Marcel Grunauer might attend:

Leo Lapworth was trying to debug something with Devel::DProf and
couldn't understand why BEGIN was called more than once. Robert Price
and Mark Fowler pointed out that 'use Module LIST' is exactly
equivalent to 'BEGIN { require Module; import Module LIST; }', so the
module was being use-d in multiple places, which is fine:

Jonathan Peterson asked about simple RPC modules. Suggestions
included: XML-RPC (Frontier::Client), SOAP::Lite, PlRPC, and even

DJ Adams posted another interesting article on Jabber, using a picture
of him drinking a beer from the website. The thread then got
silly: Dave Cross added the line "The use of the beer glass image in
association with the Perl language is a trademark of the London Perl
Mongers" to the bottom of the website, and David Adler argued the should have had the honour. Marty Pauley, an impartial observer,
disagreed (pizza for instead). Some talk of actually
trademarking this was made:

Deal Wilson foolishly asked about bad Perl scripts. Cue huge thread to
rewrite Matt Wright's Script Archive (a collection of notoriously
bug/security-ridden scripts), including a recommendation by Randal to
buy Matt Wright's book, bugs on the book's website, why projects to
rewrite Matt's scripts always fail, Dave Cross organising said
project, security issues, having to not use to cool modules,
idiot-installability, "Have you ever tried herding cats?"... "Food and
lots of stroking", why sendmail isn't a standard, Selena Sol having
the same name as Darren Clarke's dad, inverse sponsoring Matt Wright,
giggling, "it's just a simple matter of programming", and maybe some
work on said project:

Simon Wistow asked about autoconf, and Dean Wilson supplied a URL to
the oh-so-useful Goat Book:

David Cantrell spilled an IRC discussion about version control into
the list, asking for better version control alternatives to CVS and
RCS. Commercial: Perforce, ClearCase, free: Aegis (used at BlackStar),
CVS ;-):

Dave Cross pointed out that Damian Conway had written up the
meeting. We 0wn3d him:

And finally, Andrew Bowman kidded around with Greg McCarroll in a mail
that I couldn't find in the archive so here it is for your amusment:

  From: Andrew Bowman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Subject: RE: heretics meeting

  > From: Greg McCarroll [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
  > i should be there from 4:30~5 ish, enjoying a relaxing
  > pint and explaining why i have a limp

  A limp what?

  Your message seems to have been truncated Greg ;-)


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