As you may be aware, some members of (void) are doing a London Walk on
Sunday. If you'd like to join the 12 comitted nutters already taking
part, we congregate at Alexandra Palace rail station, North London, at
6.00 am, and proceed southwards along a single column of the A-Z until
sunset (with, probably, a lot of breaks for food and drink).

Note that the tubes and overground won't be working at this time in the
morning, so you're reliant on taxis or night buses to get there.

We'll cross the river at Vauxhall Bridge and continue southwards to
Streatham or Morden, finishing at sunset, 18:00. Yes, that's right,
this is a 12 hour walk. I said committed nutters.

If you want to join in or meet us along the way, get in touch offlist
before Saturday.

:: paul
:: this world's crazy, give me the gun

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