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>> Not neccesary from a techical point of view.  Neccesary from a 
>> social point of view (What's this extension!  I don't understand!  
>> What's going on!  
>Except that windows machines tend not to even show the extension by
>default, and so the file will just have a little WinZip icon[0], which 
>means they should be happy. 

...except that the Windows extension hiding feature only applies to files seen through 
the normal filesystem tools (Windows Explorer, various dialog boxes, etc), and not 
Internetty stuff. People might still be scared off by seeing a web or ftp site that 
doesn't have any .zip files...

>Oh no, wait a minute, I think it uncompresses the .gz bit then prompts 
>for what to do with the .tar bit, which might scare them off.

That too -- that's a pain in the arse: it ends up adding a seemingly superfluous step 
to the process that could be off-putting to Win-natives. 

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