On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, you wrote:

> >> / me delurks - don't worry, you won't see much of me round here :)
> > 
> > But... why??
> Why I delurked, or why you won't see much of me on this list? The answer to
> both is that I'll only post if I have something useful to contribute, and
> seeing as I'm new to perl, that won't be too often.

err .. what ? .. this is a perl list? .. I never new that! .. I had been
under the impression it was a joint effort on behalf of the Buffy fan
club and Central London Alcholics Anonymous  ...

nahh  .. you just chip in whenever you feel like it. If its vaguely
relevant we'll soon let you know so you can avoid that mistake in future

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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