Title: RE: That book

Dave wrote:
>Well, it's still on the Waterstones site atm, but I'd appreciate it if
>you could lose it.

>It's part of a kind of deal that we struck. She agreed to listen to my
>suggestions if I stopped slagging her off in public :)

>My current target is "Open Source Linux Web Programming" by
>Christopher Jones and Crew Batchelor. You can see my review of _that_
>at <http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0764546198/>. I've been
>exchanging emails with one of the authors, who has already admitted
>that they don't really "get" Perl and were far more interested in the
>Java chapters later on.

Your review has now been removed from Waterstones.  I just wish the Waterstone's recommended list was as easy to manipulate :P

Nice review by the way...when I write my life story I think I shall have to get you to check it first - it may be scarily inaccurate!

Darren Clarke


'Dave told me to do it'

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