This is the ninth of hopefully many weekly summaries of the Earth, UK,
London, Perl Mongers mailing list. For the week starting 2001-03-19:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. The next meeting
is on Thursday 5th April:

Cozens, Simon misparsed a phrase from the previous summary: "a picture
of him drinking a beer from the website", which implied a
Content-type header of either matter-transport/beer-stream or

Cantrell, David wondered if the number of logins on a workstation per
hour should be modelled with a Poisson distribution. We didn't know,
but it was pretty:

Duncan, James asked if LWP::Simple supported the <un>:<pw>@<url> URL
convention for basic authentication. It does, even though there's no

There was some talk of the Matt's Scripts rewrite project. People
seemed to forget how simple the scripts had to be to install:

Ford, Neil forwarded a post from the London Macintosh User Group: an
Apple UK person will be demoing MacOS X at their next meeting, and
they may even be giving away a copy:

By far the most amusing thread this week was Cross, Dave pointing out
the pointless, badly-written Date-MMDDYY module on CPAN, clearly
pointing to a need for kwalitee control on CPAN. It should obviously be
YYYY-MM-DD, which is ISO standard 8601 instead (if you ignore the Y10K
problem for now). Peterson, Jonathan took this slightly futher and
suggested we move to "LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME" and "ISO planet code, ISO
country code, POSTCODE, Building Number[, apartment number][, business
name]". Bowman, Andrew explained Jewish, Irish, and Icelandic naming:

Fowler, Mark asked about Perl training courses in the UK (apart from
Learning Tree). Lots of discussion followed about what exactly is
required: good programming practices, CPAN, OO, debugging (see ptkdb).
celia delurked. Torkington, Nathan pointed that the London Open Source
Covention will have Perl tutorials [and that organising a conference
isn't easy - well duh, we knew that ;-],. Looks like Iterative and
NetThink (contact Cozens, Simon) might be organising some training:

And finally, it appears that Schwern, Michael is an Alien Drag Queen:

Leon Brocard.............................

... Wayne Campbell: Exsqueeze me? A baking-powder?

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