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          Sheffield Linux Users Group (ShefLUG)

    1 pm Saturday 14th April 2001 finish at about 4 p.m.

         ShefLUG Venue: Blackwell's Bookshop
                        West Street
                        Sheffield S1 3ST

     for the location of Blackwell's bookshop see


you need to dial in the postcode which is S1 3ST. For
information about trams, trains and buses phone 01709
515151.Starting at 1 p.m. Rusty Russell will give a
talk about 2.4 kernel code and related issues.

Rusty Russell is flying in from Oz to give us a talk on
the 2.4 kernel code and related issues. Rusty is well
known for his abilities with a keyboard. Rusty is
best known as packet filter maintainer for the Linux
Kernel. Most recently, he created a generic packet
filtering architecture "netfilter", on top of which he
implemented a new packet filtering and full NAT
systems. His many distractions include editing the
File Hierarchy Standard 2.2, writing Rusty's Unreliable
Guides, and the Linux Graphing Project.

We would very much like to see a large crowd turn up
for this meeting.  If you would like to download the
flyer for this and print it out for the wall at work or for your
school or University then please do. It's not very often
that Rusty comes to this country and we'd like to make
him feel welcome.

 For related information have a look at.......


Thank you


Sheffield Linux
User's Group


             GNU the choice of a complete generation.

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