> According to the critics, it is 'acceptable if not great' but fuck it,
> *I* liked it.

Remember a lot of wine suffers from the holiday effect, and doesn't seem
quite as nice on a wet blustery Thursday night.

> Lachryma Christi del Vesuvio, in case anyone is interested.

Ah, I have heard of it (my Italian knowledge is very limited), so I guess it
wouldn't be too hard to come by. Of course, the Internet is crap for this
sort of thing.

> Also (being half  Hungarian) am rather fond of  Tokai .. 5 Putonyos of
> course. Quite a different taste to most other things.

I haven't seen it mentioned, but a few weeks ago Tokai was in danger because
of flooding - it was only an inch or two away from flooding the entire
cellars :(

> Anyone know a decent London win merchant who stocks a good range of German
> or Austrian wines. Not just the desert wines, but the lighter ones too. I've
> only ever seen eiswine for sale in a small number of restaurants, usually at
> 10UKPS / glass +

There's one that advertises in Wine magazine as a German specialist. I
remember when I was hunting down mythical German Reds (in the end I went to
Germany and bought some myself).

Wine magazine is probably a good place to find Italian specialists as well.
You can always hide it in a brown paper bag ;)

(too young to really believe he's having this conversation)

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