"Jonathan Peterson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> The recent .com crash has had many desirable effects as well as undesirable
> ones, and one of these is the devaluation in hype in .com related
> technologies. An awful lot of the value of the big packages is based on
> future value - "You don't need this software today, but you will in a year's
> time so buy it today and you'll be ahead of the competition and able to
> scale up fast when the orders start pouring in!". This doesn't carry much
> weight anymore.

Hmm... Given that big business seems to have bought some of the ideas
of 'Just In Time' stock holding and delivery type stuff, maybe the
time has come to start pushing Perl and open source programming as
being 'Just In Time Development'.

[FX: Makes note in the 'you really should turn this into some real
marketing literature' file.]


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