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> aka brainbench seems to still be going

Heh -- they're one of my company's main competitors. I don't know the first thing 
about them (aside from the I think reasonable assumption that they must do roughly the 
same things my company does, or they wouldn't be "one of our main competitors"...), 
but I was informed during a tediously long meeting today [1] that they're not doing 
very well, saved at the moment mainly by a boatload of VC funds that they're burning 
through. With any luck, the certification industry will implode.

'course that could mean I need a new job, but we'll see :)

[1] You mean I have to look forward to another 40 years of these damn meetings? I 
think Martin Blank had the right idea: "will there be meetings?" "...sure!" "No 
meetings." *blam*! *blam*! *blam*!

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