* alex ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> that's not the point. 
> if learning tree design a course (with the community's approval
> natch) that is of sufficient standard and then put on their catalogs:
> Advanced Perl (3 days) - 1750 GBP + VAT
>       [preparation for PCSE exam] << with a nice logo >>
> imagine the value of free publicity that is coming out of that! None of
> the organisations mentioned (netthink, iterative, or indeed codix) have
> anything like the clout individually or collectively to start getting a
> PCSE logo recognisable to IT directors.

yip its great, but you can't get there on day #1

> BTW, just so we're clear - i was thinking of another org to actually do
> the certification. Maybe a privately owned company formed from the
> london.pm membership.

YAS can probably take care of this, i mailed Kevin last night, but
havent heard back yet

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