>I think the money aspect is very important. This isn't YAS, it's supposed
>be a professional qualification for professional programmers. £300 sounds
>like a good number for me. "If it only costs a fiver then what good can it
>be" will be the PHB's attitude, I've seen this often.

The important difference here is that you have the cost of the course and
the cost of the exam as separate items. Let NetThink charge £2000 for a
weeks course that corporate interests can see but remember to have a
separate £45-60 for each exam. That way you don't need corporate sponsorship
just to get one of these. I don't know if it fits in with the other idea's
but one of the things I'd like is the ability to just walk into a training
centre, book an appointment and then do the exam the next day, no trying to
get a week off work, no major fees just the exam.

If you force people to do an expensive training course you lose alot of


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