On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 06:33:40PM +0100, jo walsh wrote:
> i'm about to upgrade state51's production server's perl and mod_perl to
> 5.6, and it occurs to me that 5.6.1 might be due out RSN.
> question is, will i have to rebuild modules built for 5.6 so they'll work
> with 5.6.1?

I would be very surprised if you did have to if you configure with the
same options.

> if i had to rebuild modules, i'd try to justify waiting, if the wait for
> 5.6.1's not going to be more than a week or two - is that hopelessly
> optimistic? oh, it is, isn't it *sigh*

It may not be hopelessly optimistic

> i tried asking #perl but they were, um, inarticulate
> any advice *much* apprec

I'd suggest that you get 5.6.1-TRIAL3 from GSAR's CPAN directory, build
that somewhere away from production, and see what happens.
Sarathy has said on p5p that there's going to be very little changed
between TRIAL3 and the real thing

Nicholas Clark
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