On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 01:03:14AM -0800, Paul Makepeace wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 12:56:37PM +0200, Philip Newton wrote:
> > Try doing Java in Lynx. Or Mosaic. Is there even a plugin for Netscape <
> > 3.0?
> Lynx & Mosaic practically don't exist, demographically speaking.

Bzzzt!  Lynx doesn't exist *in*the*logs* because a Lynx user d/loads
one page sees that the company is basically saying "FUCK OFF I DON'T
WANT YOUR BUSINESS" and never comes back.

Whereas Nescape/IE d/loads 500 separate line segments, icons,
title-bars, tool-bars, spinning logos and other crap and instantly become

Mmmm, I think I better chill-out a bit.
Chris Benson -- Lynx user when I can,  Netscape for the crap.

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