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> Those crazy Americans! ;-)

Now all we need is Mutator that can de-DNA code, parse the perl,
change it in subtle ways and then re-DNA it.

Actually, i'm quite pleased Leon implemented Buffy.pm and took
up the namespace before we started inventing modules for all
of Sunnydale, along the lines of ....

$a = Angel->new();
$b = Buffy->new();
$w = Willow->new();


$a->{has_soul};  # returns 1


$a->{has_soul}; # returns 1

$a->makelovewith($b); # due to nature of argument
                      # $a->receivemomentofperfecthappiness() 
                      # is called

$a->{has_soul}; # returns 0


in fact with some `debug' code to stdout, you could have a BtVS
script generator 

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