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Sent: 04 April 2001 10:17

> On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 10:04:45AM +0100, Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> > Funnily, enough, no.  I was born in 1974, I've never been taught english
> > grammar and I know of nobody who has.  It's actually quite annoying as
> Me too, ('74 vintage) but I got learnt grammar. I think mostly by my
> mother if truth be told. The rest I picked up from Latin :-/

Don't know if it's my slightly older vintage ('62) or the fact that I went
to a Comprehensive that still thought it was a Grammar, but I was being
taught parts of speech and verb declensions between '74 and '79.

> If you know the difference between it's and its, you're and your,
> and don't write 'alot', you're probably in the top 1%-ile :)

Agreed! And my least favourite - "I would of done it" instead of "I would
have done it".

Oh, and people who use an apostrophe to form plural's.

[who makes lots of typos - but _knows_ they are typos]


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